We offer a complete set of services all tailored for your trading success and greatness. Forex Traders In A Suit is an independent training provider that offer practical education for individuals that desire to acquire uncommon knowledge or improve their understanding of the foreign exchange market and trading skills. We value and care about results! Because results don’t lie. Forex Traders In A Suit makes sure and ensures our student are fully equipped to enter the the market with comprehensive knowledge to tackle the market and make money like its running out of fashion. To prepare our students we combine academic, theory and technical analysis with practical exercises in live sessions to provide real experience. Forex Traders In A Suit offer post course support and analysis free to all students to give ongoing support long after they leave our course. Above all Forex Traders In A Suit is all about excellence, apart from us wanting our students to have account balances that looks like a phone number we want them to dress and look like a prospect and not a suspect.

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Firstly Forex Trading is not a get rich quick program, it is about consistency over a longer duration creating small percentage gains regulary. Secondly, Forex Trading is not gambling. There is a whole lot more to it then picking a currency pair and "betting" on a direction. Succesful Traders who have learned hot to read the Technical Analysis and Break Down The Fundamental News Around the world, can make an educated decision on the direction a currency pair, commodity or stock may move in. The Charts provide patterns which traders look for on a daily basis, giving you the opportunity to predict the direction. Profit is not guaranteed in the Forex Market & Professional Traders May not win 100% of Their Trades. However with consistency and the correct risk management / risk reward. Traders can limit their losses to a small percent of their overall balance.

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Life Invoker, people developer, insightful teacher, motivational speaker, Real Estate Guru, Forex Trader & Author. Apostle Peter Oracle is a man of multiple grace whose influence spreads across The Religious and Secular Arena. He is a blend of Gifts and Grace & has been trained as a leadership strategist. In addition to his Spiritual Calling, he is in increasing demand as a Speaker at Conventions and Conferences Internationally and Locally. He is Author of Best-Selling Books “22 Tangible Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die.”, “5 Questions That Motivate Every Human Being”, "5 Obstacles That Hinder You From Becoming Successful & How To Overcome Them" & “Purpose Is Key”.

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